Vacancy: Molecular Biology – Strain Engineering



The Molecular Biology team is looking for a Research Associate with experience in recombinant DNA technology and microbial strain engineering. We are specifically looking for an energetic, creative, and highly self-motivated person that enjoys challenges in microbial strain development with the purpose of heterologous protein expression.

The successful candidate will interact closely with his/her team members and with other disciplines within the company (e.g. the Fermentation team and the Downstream Processing team). Dynamic and pleasant environment where we support each other and work closely together with various people/research groups in various parts of the world.


Job description:

• In silico design of DNA/plasmid constructs and execution of the lab-based recombinant DNA work (standard restriction enzyme cloning, Gibson cloning, Golden Gate cloning, …)

• Strain engineering/transformation of yeast, filamentous fungi, bacterial systems.

• Evaluate generated strains via standard techniques such as PCR and (RT)-qPCR analysis, Southern blot, …

• Evaluate protein expression potential of engineered strains via small-scale cultivation, followed by protein detection methods such as gel-based separation (e.g. SDS-PAGE), Western blot, ELISA, …

• Execute the designed experiments in the lab, followed by data collection, data analysis and data interpretation.

• Execute all experiments according to the in-house established standard operating procedures.

• Participate in revision of existing and writing of new standard operating procedures.

• Collaborate with and help colleagues within the team for execution of experiments.

• Responsible for individual safety and that of your colleagues by following the correct procedures and policies.

• Communicate with internal stakeholders through meetings and clearly written emails, reports and presentations.


Your profile:

• Bachelor/Master degree in Life Sciences, preferably with relevant work experience.

• Good insights in recombinant DNA technology, microbiology, microbial strain engineering, strain cultivation and analysis, protein analysis.

• Knowledge of vector cloning software (e.g. VectorNTI, Geneious) is a plus.

• Experience with heterologous protein expression in microbial systems is a plus.

• Experience with (or interest in) bioreactor cultivation of micro-organisms (yeast, fungi, bacteria) is an added value.

• Demonstrate ability to work independently as well as in team environment.

• Demonstrate problem-solving abilities and analytical skills.

• Flexible within a dynamic environment, able to multi-task.

• Communication and organizational skills (interpretation and documentation of data, report writing, planning).


Are you our new Molecular Biology team member? Please drop us a note at (in Dutch or English). If you have any questions about these vacancies, please contact Belinda Hunziker by mail or phone + 32 (0)9 261 77 00.

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