Cheese is great. Cows are amazing.

What’s not so great, is to keep making cheese the old way. Dairy farming is notorious for its burden on land & water, biodiversity and climate. Free the cow from cheese production, and environmental impact would be practically annihilated – a major leap forward for the entire industry. Those Vegan Cowboys aim to make cheese which is at least 5 times more effective than traditional milk production.

Those Vegan Cowboys love cows, and love cheese too.

To make the two add up, we’re taking the shortcut: free all the cows from the yard, and bring in a stainless steel cow. By teaching her how to turn grass into milk proteins, they’ll be able to recreate the true and tasty cheese we’ve always known and loved. Just like a real cow – but way more efficiently.

Release the beast to create a real circular food systeem

Chief cowboy got sketchin’ to see what happens when we free the production animal from the equation. In short: if we’re smart about it, 8 billion vegan cowboys can eat well, off just 40% of the farmland in use today. Circular, organic, in balance.

check out the Bullshit system:

  • Human ‘manure’ is lost, not put to use
  • Nutrient imbalance leads to erosion, eutrophication, biodiversity loss & greenhouses gas emission
  • Struggles to feed 8 billion folks + kazillions of production animals within the planet’s outer limits

versus the No Shit system:

  • Or call it the human shit system if you like, sice fermenting & composting it is essential to truly close the nutrient cycle
  • Biodiversity gets back on its feet, soil health improves, kicking the habit of pesticide use & fossil fuel-heavy artificial fertilizers
  • Soils gets increasingly healthier + more trees capture greenhouse gas
  • Feeds the growing world population well & organically on 40% of the farmland in use today


Moving forward with farmers

In transition theory, crises are seen as the shocks that are sometimes needed to set big societal change (for the better) in motion. But when you are in the middle of it, it simply is a crisis. And what you need most is real, tangible, positive perspectives.

Those Vegan Cowboys can’t imagine a future without farmers. Having a farmer as our CEO, we see a future for dairy that changes nothing but the machinery in the farmer’s stable. Instead of a live cow, we offer farmers a way more efficient milk machine. We take the next logical step in dairy production. From hand milking, via the milking machine to the fully automatic milking robot of today.

Moving forward together with farmers is natural to us and we are open for collaboration. Moreover: we can’t do this without them. And we are happy to already have many conversations going. If this reaches any other farmers that would like to talk shop, feel free to reach out to us.