Meet Margaret

Named after Margaret Thatcher, this bovine beauty is quite the revolutionary lady herself. On top of that she’s actually made of metal, unlike the original.

As the first female prime minister of the country, Thatcher famously put her iron will and vision for the future in the words: ‘there is no alternative.’ Our Margaret is the first of her kind as well, and the embodiment of our own vision for the future. However, she spreads a message that’s quite the opposite, a message that will transcend national borders:

‘I am the alternative.’

Meet Margarets cowboys

After setting new standards in the meat replacement market with their company The Vegetarian Butcher, Dutch founding cowboys Jaap Korteweg and Niko Koffeman fixed their eyes on new horizons: grass-fed cheese & milk products made by microbes instead of cows.

Our ranch & cowboys

The next step in dairy production

Looking at the mother cow, what do we see? We see an ineffective, sentient, and darn pitiful cog in the industrial process of modern dairy farming. An animal optimized like a machine where grass is put in on one end and milk comes out at the other.

So what do Those Vegan Cowboys do? They take the next logical step in dairy production. From hand milking, via the milking machine to the fully automatic milking robot of today. We built the Stainless Steel Cow.