She did it!

Our Stainless Steel Cow did it: by means of precision fermentation, real casein is created. Casein is the unique protein that makes cheese cheesy, stretchy and all kinds of amazing. That Margaret’s Finest is a diamond in the rough. It is 24 carat gold, not to be enjoyed as-is, but the raw material from which artisanal techniques will create the most glorious masterpieces.

Blue Stilton, Camembert, ripe Gouda, sharp Cheddar – they all start from the same humble beginnings.

Any cheese is possible

With these caseins, Those Vegan Cowboys are making small cheeses. Now that we reached this crucial milestone, there is still much work to do. Both in upscaling and speeding up our basic processes, as in applying different cheese making techniques. It has some ripening to do, but it is real and it is here, it has the texture and every other property ordinary cheese has. And yet it is completely free from animal products. With this knowledge, any cheese is possible within a few years.

Grass-fed cheese & the art of precision fermentation

A technology that is widely believed to revolutionize dairy production world wide.

  • Grass

  • Cow

  • Milk

  • casein & fat

  • cheese making and ripening

    Water, microbial rennet and other ingredients are added.

  • dairy cheese

  • grass

  • stainless steel cow

    Microflora make casein and whey proteins, identical to those created by dairy cows. Fermentation is used to make casein in mass.

  • casein

  • cheese making and ripening

    Water, fat, microbial rennet and other ingredients are added.

  • plantbased cheese