Meet Margaret. The world’s first milk giving stainless steel cow.

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It’s here. Margaret’s Finest.

Our Stainless Steel Cow did it: she created real casein by means of precision fermentation. Her cheese has some ripening to do, but it is real and it is here.

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Animal friendly

We make products identical to cow's dairy, but without animals.


Those Vegan Cowboys strive for healthy products with less saturated fats.


We aim to significantly reduce the use of land, water and CO2 emission.

How now, said the stainless steel cow?

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We can’t imagine a future without farmers

Those Vegan Cowboys support farmers in becoming what they are destined to be: true herders of the land. Let’s harvest grass and bring it into the stable, not for an animal to turn it into milk, but something way more efficient. A stainless steel cow. A cow that in turn relieves those farmers from several heavy societal issues they’ve been burdened with.

So cows can be cows, and farmers be even better farmers.

our mission