Margaret's mission: there is an alternative

Named after Margaret Thatcher, this bovine beauty is quite the revolutionary lady herself. On top of that she’s actually made of metal, unlike the original. Known for being the first female prime-minister of the United Kingdom, Thatcher introduced some major reforms in order to drag the U.K out of its ongoing struggles.

With her iron will and vision for the future, she famously spoke the words: “There is no alternative”.

Our Margaret is the first of her kind as well, and the embodiment of our own vision for the future. However, she will spread a message that’s quite the opposite of Thatcher’s, a message that will transcend national borders: “There is an alternative”.

Those Vegan Cowboys love cows, and love cheese too. To make the two add up, they’re taking the shortcut: free all the cows from the yard, and bring in a stainless steel cow.

By teaching her how to turn grass into milk proteins, they’ll be able to recreate the true and tasty cheese we’ve always known and loved. Just like a real cow – but way more efficiently.


Cheese is great. Cows are amazing.

It’s not so great, to keep making cheese the old way. Dairy farming is notorious for its burden on land & water, biodiversity and climate. Free the cow from cheese production, and environmental impact would be practically annihilated – a major leap forward for the entire industry


Global heating

Cows burp, fart, pee and poop a lot. Which releases loads of methane in the atmosphere: a greenhouse gas 25 times stronger than CO2.

Land and water use

Calorie efficiency of livestock production is 5 to 10 times lower than using plant-based calories directly for human consumption.

Animal welfare

Industrial farming is incompatible with a cow’s natural behavior. Mother & calf separation, essential for milk production, causes both animals stress.

How now, said the stainless steel cow? The modern cow stable is in fact no more than a milk factory. And at the heart of the factory, you’ll find the cow making milk: a complex process involving four stomachs. It is that process that Those Vegan Cowboys intend to copy by using the age-old art of fermentation.