Our lab: home sweet home to Those Vegan Cowboys

Those Vegan Cowboys are fixin’ to whip up some new vegan foods that are indistinguishable in flavor, structure, nutritional properties and values from yer old ‘n familiar milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter. We work in a biotech facility that’s a mere hop, skip and a jump away from Ghent University in Belgium. Our cowboys collaborate with scientists and some o’ the big shots from the traditional dairy industry to develop milk proteins through fermentation, and apply them to serve up some fine tastin’, fully vegan, dairy-type products and the like. Fermentation allows carbohydrates and components from plants ‘n grasses to be upgraded to dairy-identical proteins via microbial processes, thereby shortening the food chain. The main focus at this moment is to commercialize the sustainable fermentative production of dairy proteins, in particular them so-called caseins.

Meet our cowboys

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Pt 10: A lay of the land

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