June 13, 2022

Pt 19: A harvest that feeds humanity

Welcome back, kind folks! We’re on the threshold of summer, and as the sun climbs higher into the sky with each passing day, it’s shining down on our luscious fields o’ green and bringing life wherever its rays touch the earth. Similarly, the sun’s rising ever higher into the green sky of plant-based livin’, in a manner of speaking. This sunlight, however, is of a more material kind. It represents the investments that plant-based initiatives such as our own require to grow before they can blossom into a harvest that feeds humanity in a sustainable, cruelty-free way.

The rising demand for vegan products has never been higher, andfortunately the governments of the world are, slowly but surely, coming to reflect the needs of the planet and its people. Alright, enough poetry; let’s talk facts. The Dutch government has allocated an investment of 60 million euros towards the development of plant-based alternatives for traditional meat anddairy. Those Vegan Cowboys is just one of the companies that’s receiving a portion of this investment, which represents a hefty boost for our community of budding plant-based industries. After all, when you set your sights firmly on a goal, and can envision the path towards it, you need only the tools to carve that path. Rest assured that we’ll put to good use the tools that are entrusted to us.

Looking at our neighbours, the new government coalition that formed in Germany at the end of last year is taking firm steps towards the transition into sustainability as well. Over the lastfew years, Germany’s meat production has been on a steady decline, whilst the production of plant-based alternatives has been soaring. The country’s government is cementing its efforts to create a national food strategy which focuses on healthier foods, the elimination ofanimal cruelty, and the advocation of alternative protein products.

Across the pond, our friends in the U.K are also taking strides towards a brighter future. As reported by the Good Food Institute, the last few years have shown that consumer demand for plant-based meat and dairy has increased to such a degree that the industry can barelykeep up with its production. The growth of plant-based food demands is predicted to be as high as a tenfold increase of what it is now by the year 2030. The Plant-Based Food Alliance UK was formed last year in response to these growing demands. This alliance is composedof some big players in the vegan industry such as The Vegan Society, Oatly, and Alpro, andaims to work towards a healthier planet and public in line with the U.K’s commitment toreach a ‘net zero’ with its carbon emissions by 2050.

All in all, plenty of good news for those of us who dream of, and work towards, a more harmonious planet. These changes are not a temporary hype, or a soon-to-be outdated fashion. These changes are the telltale signs of a turning of the tide, of a force of nature thatis working to shape the planet slowly, but inevitably. Until next we meet, may the sun continue to rise ever higher, in every sense of the word.

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