May 20, 2021

PT: 15 Once Upon a Time in WildWestLand

Howdy folks! Have a seat, get comfortable, and lend me your ear for just a moment’s time. It’s been a mighty while since last we spoke, but boy do I have something to speak to you about today. You may recall the news I shared with all you good folks back in December, when the nights were long and the wind blew cold across the frosty fields. I relayed to you the story of how a stranger had come a-knockin’ at our humble homestead door, and how an alliance had been struck that would come to benefit us all.

This stranger wouldn’t remain a stranger for long, and as it turns out she was none other than Henny Westland, heiress to the dairy dynasty of the Westland estate. Together with our head honcho Jaap Korteweg, they came up with a partnership. A partnership that would pave the way for producin’ a plethora of plant-based cheeses, under the shared banner of love. A love for cheese, for innovation, and for the world of tomorrow. Well, a number of months have come and gone since this shared passion was proclaimed, and mountains were moved under the shadow of secrecy. But now, as the golden sun shines ever higher on the busy birds of the farmer’s field, we’re finally coming to the day on which we bring the fruits of this union out of the shadow, and into the light.

The world shall know this union under the name of WildWestLand, the producer of plant-based cheeses that represents a promise kept, to nature and cheese-lover alike. Truly, there ain’t no losers in this picture, and winners all around. Now, these cheeses won’t be made through the fermentation process that forms the hallmark of Those Vegan Cowboys, but they won’t be any less exceptional, and certainly not any less delicious. The greatest visionaries, innovators, ranchers and researchers have joined forces in order to create some cheesy goodness that will blow you away, all while working towards a sustainable status-quo. And boy, do they have a mouth-watering line-up in store for you…

But before I get ahead of myself and spill the beans to y’all, I’ll stop right here and now and let these tasty treats do their own talking. All I can say is that as they speak to you through their culinary qualities, your tastebuds will be left speechless.

Go, find out! Check:

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