February 11, 2021

PT 13: Those Vegan Kiddos

It’s been mighty cold outside and all of nature has been in a deep slumber for a good while now, tucked in beneath a blanket of snow. Luckily, our lab is warm and cozy, so you can rest assured knowing that our cultures of fungi and yeast have been growing steady indeed. Who knows what fruits they’ll bear this year, and what delicious animal-friendly cheeses we may create. Yessir, there’ll be plenty of good news to share over the course of the seasons, but today we’re gonna focus on something else entirely: those vegan kiddos.

The first month of 2021 was celebrated by many as Veganuary. Around the globe, millions and more people shared their passion for nature and their delicious vegan recipes, or took their first step in living a more animal friendly life by partaking in the Go Vegan 31 Day challenge. Honoring this celebration, Those Vegan Cowboys wanted to reward the youngsters among us who are doing their part in making the future look a whole lot brighter for ourselves, and for the planet. To that end, we made some real fancy wristbands and certificates that those vegan kiddos could earn by sharing their love for animals and their passion for vegan food.

It is often said that wisdom comes from the mouths of babes, and wisdom we did receive. We received inspiring TikTok videos of kids who staunchly refuse to eat animal products, and Instagram posts showing their favourite vegan dishes. One family shared a photo of some lovely homemade oyster mushroom croquettes, and I’ve been craving some ever since. I should really get that recipe, and fix some up myself. All I can say is, keep it coming! We still have plenty of wristbands and certificates for those young revolutionaries among you, or those who are simply young at heart. Take your social media platform of choice and share your kids’ wisdom, phrases, anecdotes, or anything else that speaks of a passion for vegan food with the world! Make sure you tag #thosevegancowboys, let us know by sending a mail to postoffice@thosevegancowboys.com including your address, and we’ll be sure to send you a wristband post-haste.

After all, our children are the leaders of tomorrow, and any kindness they’re taught will make the world a kinder place. Let’s make sure their kindness is heard, so that it may spread like wildfire.

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