Howdy, possible investor cowboy,

Four years ago, we gave our idea of cow-free cheese by precision fermentation a 1% chance. This wild plan became a reality.

Now that Margaret’s cheese is here, we are scaling up. And for building that milk stable full of stainless steel cows, we are raising €15 million.

In this Gazette, aka our investment pitch, you can read who we are, how we intend to spend that 15M, what’s so space-age about this cheese and how a stainless steel cow works.

If you feel any questions or a sense of adventure come up, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can get talkin’:

why now?

Because it works. Now that we have Margaret’s cheese, we want everyone to have it. To make this happen, Margaret and her stainless steel herd need a bigger stable. Or a production facility, but that doesn’t sound as fun.

why.... now?

Mother told us not to bet with other folks' money. Thanks to their previous success with The Vegetarian Butcher, founding cowboys Jaap Korteweg & Niko Koffeman could afford to politely decline when investors offered to join in the early days.

So, Why now?

Now that we have the first kilos of cheese ripening, it’s time for a major scale up. Still an adventure of course. But one on which we’re confident enough to invite others along.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a group of investors, with a maximum of ten, who support our mission.

Why isn’t this crowdfunding?

We’re all for the concept of crowdfunding. Right now though, it’s not the best fit -it’s a bit too early- for our mildly megalomaniac stable-building plans. 

No deep pockets but eager to help out?

Go ahead and share. Because the more people see this message, the sooner you’ll be biting into a sizeable chunk of cow-free Brie.

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