Fellow cowboys, we’ve got some big news for you. Pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with #Westlandkaas, the Dutch cheese making family world renowned for specialties like OldAmsterdam & Maaslander for a very special something.
Long story short, yours truly ran into a Tesla wranglin’ cheese girl on the Dutch prairies. She happened to be the CEO of one of Holland’s leading and most forward-thinking cheese making companies. One thing’s for sure, she ain’t faint hearted: her ambition is to have 100 million people enjoy climate neutral cheese by 2036.
And what’s more, it turns out she and her family share our belief in cattle-free cheese as the way forward. And that’s just the kind of thinkin’ that puts us in the mood for makin’ cheese with such a person.


So together, we’ve decided to bring you a new line of the best tasting plant-based cheeses possible with ingredients available today. Something excellent to enjoy while the work in our nano lab continues.

Can’t wait to have us all taste the fruits of this encounter. What cheese would you like us to make first?